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Official Severed Savior Merch Store.

We've opened the store with a handful of designs and products you know but, over the coming months, we'll be adding new, never before made products and designs as we go.


New Stuff:

Logo Zip-ups are finally here!Severed Savior Logo zip up hoodie

Outline Logo Zip-ups too!Severed Savior Outline Logo zip up hoodie

SweatpantsSevered Savior Green Logo Sweatpants

Short Sleeve ShirtsSevered Savior Silver Logo Short Sleeve T-shirt Long Sleeve ShirtsSevered Savior Green Long Sleeve Shirt Pullover Hoodies Severed Savior Red Logo Hoodie Pullover hooded sweatshirt


Brutality is Law CD'sSevered Savior Brutality is Law CD BeaniesSevered Savior Gray Logo embroidered beanie

2012 Summer Insurrection Tour MerchSevered Savior 2012 Summer Insurrection Tour Merch