About Death Metal Apparel

Death Metal Apparel is a lifestyle apparel brand created by artists and musicians to celebrate, and support the Death Metal scene.

We believe Death Metal is more than just music, it is more than just a feeling, an energy... It has a soul. We believe that it is something larger, something amazing in and of itself and worth celebrating. The culture and essence of Death Metal transcends the confines of art and music. It is more than just bands and fans, it is a way of life. Death Metal Apparel was created to capture the essence of Death Metal by the Artists that create the art for the Bands that create the Music that inspires us all.

By working with artists that live and breathe Death Metal culture; creating art, designs, and themes inspired by the bands, music, and fans that permeate the Death Metal genre and make this amazing entity what it is, we aim to create and curate unique collections of apparel and accessories that celebrate and compliment the Death Metal way of life.